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We commissioned Sue to create a work in acrylics that would give life and colour to an otherwise monochromatic (white) dining area. We were extremely pleased with the finished piece and have received many compliments. 

R&P Bingham, Toronto


This one with the prairie sky and homestead draws me because I find the clouds amazing. I love the vastness that it portrays, the grandeur of nature. The homestead with its red roof means home. 

A.Cheetham, U.K.


For many years now, I have been an avid follower and collector of Sue's art.One piece I so love watches over me as I'm writing. 

All of her work has an aliveness and a sense of light permeating through whatever else may be in the foreground. All have a light energy that uplifts and invites me to contemplation. 

B.Powers, Toronto