Welcome to Sue Ennis Art

"Let me help you energize your home or office space with original artworks. I paint abstract paintings that can brighten any room and develop your style brand. You can be the curator of your own art collection, one that you can be proud to own. Paintings add colour and warmth to any environment." 

I am a Toronto-based abstract artist. I studied at University of Toronto and obtained a B.A. and a B.Ed. I also studied at Toronto School of Art for 4 years and earned a Diploma in Visual Arts. I was juried into membership of the Ontario Society of Artists, a prominent organization which fosters and promotes the visual arts in all disciplines. I have been sharing my love of art with others through workshops and teaching in my studio for several years, and I have participated in many juried shows. 

I came to art later in life while working as an investment advisor, when  a colleague invited me to sign up for  a weekend-long  art workshop being run by his wife. Even though I had no art training at that point, I agreed to try it out as it sounded like something different to experience. Little did I know that this experience would become a "tipping point" in my life. The instructor introduced us to dozens of different paints in wonderful colours and textures, and we were encouraged to just "play" with the materials. I was transported to a different place!  I  found that hours flew by in an instant. I felt so energized by using broad brushstrokes of colour , and watched as paint dripped down the surface of the canvas. The whole process was so satisfying, even though I was not able to paint anything overly recognizable, but it was the sensory feeling of being immersed in colour and textures that really appealed to me. It was after that weekend that I started to investigate other beginner courses in art, and only a short time later, I quit my financial services career to follow my heart into finding out more about painting. Over the course of several years now, I have come to realize the degree to which art can energize a life. Having now created hundreds of paintings, some of which hang in my own collection, I have also realized that my house is not a home without original art on the walls.   


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